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1. Examine examining the layout of the signature C’s. The C’s should be perfectly centered on the front of the purse with the exception of the mini-signature C collections to be off a little on the sides.


C's on Off Centered on Fake Coach Hangbag
2. The signature style for Coach will always be the two C’s next to each other in doubles, not as the picture shows below, in a single row of C’s. The "C"s should be in pairs and side-by-side pairs face each other.


3. Make sure the "C"s aren't cut off in the middle of the bag. The only "C"s that won't appear as complete letters will be those on the sides.


Back stitching on Fake Coach Purse

4. Coach purses are made with exceptional attention to detail which is why they are so expensive so if the stitching looks poor, (i.e. uneven stitches, back-stitching, raised stitching, string knot, gaps, cheap string) then it’s probably a replica.


Uneven Stitching on Fake Coach Purse
5. Coach only uses their famous Coach signature C, but rather a different letter, such as an O or a G then it’s an obvious fake.


6. Dust bags are dark chocolate brown with a red drawstring. In the bottom right the words in all caps “COACH EST.1941" written in white. If the bag is any other color it's fake.



Fake Coach Dust Bag Shipped with Fake Coach Purse
7. Up until 2002 about 75% of coach handbags made in the US and now, they are made in China but don't assume just because the seller is in China that the Coach handbag is real.


8. The interior serial number should start with “No”, and have 4 numbers after the dash, not 3. The interior authenticity tag should be stitched not glued on. The writing should be neat on the authenticity tag and not stamped on. The wording should be in all caps in English. Many fakes feature misspelled words or improper grammar.

9. Make sure that the authenticity number matches the style of the bag. If you not sure about the authenticity of the serial number, call Coach at 1-888-262-6224 and their representatives will help verify the authenticity number matches the style.


10. Coach commonly uses logo tags that are attached by a beaded chain. Usually, the tag should match the trim of the bag. The words “COACH” should be raised, not imprinted. Some styles to have metal tags. Counterfeiters mass-produce these metal tags. Tags are never made out of hard plastic. The hardware should be heavy and you should not be able to be bent using your fingers. Some bags have the "Coach" tag should be made of 2 pieces of leather and the letters in "Coach" should be raised.


Fake Coach Purse Logo Tag
11. A sure fake is if the Zipper pull says Coach or something else. Coach uses ONLY YKK zippers and the zipper will say YKK. Be sure to check if the markings are on the zippers.


Fake Coach Zipper Pull on Fake Coach Purse
12. If it's leather purse or bag, the leather will feel extremely soft and smooth. The bag should be sturdy. Coach uses leather or suede trim, not pleather or shiny plastic. The smell and if it's too shiny it's probably a fake. All pieces of leather on Coach bags will have at least one Coach stamp on it. The strap should be leather not plastic.



Fake Leather on Fake Coach Purse
13. The interior lining is good quality cotton or satin. If the outside of the bag has the signature C pattern, the lining will NOT have a pattern, if both have pattern, it's definitely a fake.

Squiggly Separator


1. The ONLY avenues in which Coach offers its merchandise for sale is via Coach Stores, Coach Factory Stores, Direct Coach Catalog Sales, Authorized Department Stores, authorized specialty stores, limited duty free locations, corporate accounts, and the Coach Website at www.coach.com.


2. Look at the purse on Coach's Website. Check out the styles of Coach purses on its website. If the purse doesn't match the style exactly, it's probably a fake. Coach lists the purse colors on their site so if the color is suspicious double check at Coach.com.


3. If the price is really discounted, then it's likely a fake. Coach rarely puts their purses on sale and people rarely sell them for less than their worth.


4. Look over the Website thoroughly. Coach only sells to authorized dealers and upstanding, usually expensive retailers at that so if the site just looks bad, they purses are likely fakes. If they're selling mass quantities of purses, they're most likely fakes.


5. READ THE TEXT AND THE SMALL PRINT ON THE WEBSITE. A dead give away is the the text on the Website in the "About Us" page, the "Shipping" page or the "Privacy" page. Basically any page with a lot of text, if there are a lot of grammatical errors, misspellings, punctuation issues then they're selling fakes most likely from overseas.


6. If the seller is shipping from overseas, the purse is probably a knock-off. Especially if they ship from EMS, they're fakes. BEWARE: THEY'LL CHARGE ADDITIONAL FEES OVER THE PRICE AND SHIPPING FOR AN EXCHANGE RATE TOO!! FlyNike.com charges almost $50 more for an exchange rate if you use credit card to make the purchase. READ THE FINE PRINT!


7. If the pictures of the purses on the Website have numbers in the image of the purse it's probably a fake as shown on the right.


Fake Coach Website's Image of Fake Purse with Numbers

8. If the contact email address listed is like a gmail account or hotmail account, they're probably selling fakes. If you can't afford email with the same domain as your Website then why would you sell "real" products? If you're checking out and you're taken to a totally different site to complete the transaction by a like a 3rd party credit card billing company, their purses are likely fakes.